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The Good Life is where Dennis Mitton posts blogs about, well, the Good Life and other things. “I was running three sites,” he says. “You Woke Up Breathing was one. I used it as a fiction jump off place,” he said. “Then there was Evolution Explained. Then, just to make it more fun, I added Monkey Dance were I wrote about longevity, exercise, and feeling well. I have a job, too,”he goes on, “and a family. It was just two much for a part timer.” So what did he do? “So I trashed the whole mess and put it all under the heading of You Woke Up Breathing. Everyone thought I was crazy. Everything I read says that you want laser-like focus to sell thing and build an audience.

“But I didn’t give a rats ass about SEO or a salesman’s focus,” he went on.”The sales and popularity tools bore me. I wanted something bright and minimal and where I could write everything in the same place at the same time and in the same way. Now I write on Scrivener and post in WordPress. It’s a wonderful thing,” he says. “I know my kids again.

There are some hints to get around the site.

To see the blogs, just hang out on the first page.

Crumbs are shorts that I mostly write off the top of my head. I write them and post them. Without any real filtering. Every now and then I get into trouble.

Things I’ve published or are for books I’m in the process of writing are found in Books.

I suppose that most of the tribe will want to check out Writing. Literature is exactly that. I talk about books and bookish ideas there. Memoir is exactly that. Helps are my posts about what works for me. I hope the advice helps you, too.

Making a Life is pretty easy. You will find The Inner Life, The Good Life , and The Fit Life under that header. See how easy that is? It’s easy except for the definition. I like lots of books, good relationships, exercise, and some travel. Saab’s and Porsches are good, too. I’ve learned, thought, that the Good Life if different for everyone. My wife like new pajamas and early to bed.

What do you think?

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