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Good and bad news about talent

Last updated on December 1, 2018

There is some good news about talent: it’s over-rated. It’s not that a level of proclivity isn’t helpful in what you’re doing but it increasingly appears that practice and hard work are more important for mastery or success that an inborn gift that places you head and shoulders above the dirty minions who surround you.

What’s the good news? The world is before you and you can take what you want. Set your goals, practice thoughtfully, and find a mentor. Before long you will be better, smoother, sleeker, smarter or whatever adjective you aspire to.

The downside? You can no longer blame your parents or your genes. You have to look yourself squarely in the mirror and admit that you are who you are because you have designed you to be this way.  If hard work and practice garner predictable results then so must laziness and couch-potatoeness. You have run out of excuses.


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