Here’s an observation to think about when we talk with people we care about.

You snap at your friend, lover, or live-in, and write it off with a hug and an explanation that you’re just out of sorts today. You had a bad day at work and you’re crabby. ‘Forgive me? Just let me sit in the bath with a bit of wine and I’ll be fine.’

But when your friend, lover, or live-in snaps at you? Well, then your mind starts whirling. All hell breaks loose. Dam it! How can anyone be so mean-spirited? They never believe in you. Crap, they never beleive you. They are always looking for a way to put you down. As much as you try to love, they just keep judging.

Or maybe they’re just having a bad day?

For you, it’s a one-time thing. For them, from your eyes, it’s always or never. Why do you let yourself off with having a bad day but judge the core of someone else’s character?

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