Who You Meet

Here’s a quick and crazy story unrelated to just about anything. I can’t confirm or deny, but have no reason to believe that it’s not true.

I talked to a guy at work about sending my girls to college. He was older than me, probably well past retirement. I joked (kind of) and said that the girls can go anywhere they want as long it’s Cal Poly or MIT or Johns Hopkins. He perked up and said, “Oh! I went to Cal Poly and so did my dad.”

He went on, secretly like he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

“Here’s a story about my dad. I always knew that he worked at Los Alamos on the atomic bomb project. He knew lots of the famous guys there and said it was a great time. Science was everything. Here’s something crazy. I knew he had secrets. He worked on high-level kind of stuff his whole life and could never talk about it. But when he died – and he made me swear never to say anything about this until it was okay to do so – he told me he made the detonators for the first bomb dropped in Japan. ”

Wow. The people you meet.

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