French Healthcare. Not for the weak.

“The other way is to get fit and stay healthy. It’s the hard way. You need to drop about ten pounds and stay that way. You need to keep up with a good diet and daily exercise. But you really have to do it. Everyone tells me that they want to do it, but no one does.

A Maine Story and Meeting Jesus

“Oh. The robe? It’s just easy to get on and off. And it’s damned hot outside. Those Arabs are on to something.” He mulled over his toast and coffee for a moment. “Here’s something else. People, Christians, really respond to that robe.


Crumb – Driving To Work

There are two things I can count on during my drive to work. Both include trucks and crappy drivers. I’m in South Carolina, after all. The first occurs when I pull out of my subdivision. Once a week, a half mile down the road on the right, I see a vehicle’s lights stop before leaving […]


Crumb – Don’t Close Your Eyes

Last night my wife and I were talking in bed. She was looking at me and I had my eyes closed. “Don’t close your eyes,” she said. I looked at her. “Why in the world not?” I asked. “For the longest time,” she answered, “when I would visit you at the hospital after your accident, […]