Fitness Log


For reasons of accountability, I’ve decided to post my workouts online. I know that it smacks of the modern propensity to post your life online as if other people are interested, but that doesn’t bother me: I’m interested.

A bit about last year.

On May 17, I was scheduled to race in the 1 mile and 10 mile South Carolina Masters Bicycle Time Trial. Except for the family and writing, I breathed bike riding and racing. On May 16, I came home from work to an empty house. I decided to hop on the bike and do an easy hour ride to stretch my legs for the next day’s race. About two miles from home, I was hit by a car doing sixty or so. After putting me back together, the trauma surgeon held my wife’s hands and told her that in 48 hours, I would live or die. I lived. I spent the next month in our local hospital recovering and mostly comatose. When I did wake, my wife said that I was my hyper-self. I was chatty as a talking doll and everyone’s best buddy. I don’t remember one minute of it. I’ve been told since that my brain was focused on healing me up and keeping me alive and it turned off its recorder. So don’t believe it when people say that the brain remembers everything. It doesn’t. It’s an efficient tool just like any other: when it’s preoccupied with other functions, thought, memory is the last thing it takes care of.

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