This got me thinking.

I read that a true friend is someone who, when you show up at their door in the middle of the night with a dead body, says nothing except “let me get my shovel.”

My first thought was a moral one. What have they done? Have they broken the law? What mother is crying right now wondering where her child is?

Then I wondered about my own skin and the pain I might cause people who love me. What about getting caught and paying the high price of bunking with a sweaty murderer for twenty years?

What about my kids? Is there anything that I would risk them for?

There is.

There is one person who I would stop from taking while I get the shovel. Hands down, no questions, let’s do this and never speak of it again. There are a few people that I would haggle with to see the if risk-to-reward ratio is high enough. But only one that I would join in with without question.

How about you?

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