Here’s one that I reproduce in toto. I’ve had my own blog site anxiety and have happily given it up. Now I write for myself and I write for readers who enjoy what I write. When I figured out that very little of what I do makes a hill of beans in SEO ranking, and when I acknowledged that what I can do to increase SEO ranking just bores the daylights out of me compared to writing, I decided to make the bold move to just quit it all and write to write. Funny how writing on a computer keyboard controls us to such an extent.

I get a lot of emails from people/companies ‘wanting’ to help me out because they love my blog so much (i.e., ‘we see that you write a blog and we would like to make money from it) and I just delete the mail. I slowly grow a list by focusing on my craft. It takes longer but it’s not as fleeting.

To wit, by Seth Godin:

Don’t steal metrics

A thoughtful friend has a new project, and decided to integrate a podcast into it.

Talking to a producer, he said that his goal was to make it a “top 10 podcast on iTunes.”

Why is that the goal?

That’s a common goal, a popular goal, someone else’s goal.

The compromises necessary to make it that popular (in dumbing down the content, sensationalizing it, hunting down sort-of-famous guests and doing a ton of promo) all fly in the face of what the project is for.

It’s your project.

It’s worth finding your metrics.

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