I only bring this up because people at work are sidling up and whispering that I might be onto something.

I work in a nuclear plant for a large corporation. Most of the folks here – no matter what side of the political spectrum they fall on – are smart and talk about anything. In times of rampant goofiness, politics is the king of conversation.

So, I took a cue from my Father when he was dying.

“I quit watching, Denn. It’s all depressing and made to make me mad. I just don’t need that right now.”

So, just like Dad, I’m on a cable news fast. I don’t need it either. I’m not on a TV fast: there are plenty of worthy shows and movies to watch. Right now my wife and I schedule a snuggle on the couch around the next installment of Frankie and Grace on Netflix. And I just watched Altered States for the first time in twenty years. Great movie!

But cable news? Let me tell you what was on yesterday. There are two flavors. First is that Trump the troll fell face first into a cow pie and messed up his hair and we all laughed. The second flavor is that Trump the Savior pointed out the arrogant evil of those who laughed when he fell in a cow pie.

That’s about it. And whoever else is on, is talking about what someone else said about it.

So, now I neither enjoy nor cry over either one. I happily read another chapter in my book or play chess with my daughter or write another crumb.

I’m surprised at how many people at work have said they think I’m on to something. “Really, I just get more depressed every day,” they tell me. Odd, because it’s all voluntary.

“It’s easy,” I tell them. “Just quit. They only exist because you care. STOP CARING.”

Give it a try.

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