There is simply no magic for weight loss: it really is a calorie game. And, for the purposes used here, a calorie is a calorie.

There are complications – few biochemical processes are simple and straightforward – but if you want to lose weight, then you must consume fewer calories than you need on a daily and regular basis. There are three options: you can take in fewer calories; you can increase your daily need through activity, or you can do any combination of the two. I wish there was a magic formula for this, and there are many people who’ve made a whole lot of money claiming that there is, but the science is clear – you must take in fewer calories than you need.

The Greeks had it right: a key to health is moderation. This is probably truer in regards to diet and nutrition than to any other area. Yes, research indicates that there are health benefits to chocolate and red wine. Use this information to alleviate your concerns about the occasional bit of candy or the occasional sip of wine. Sorry – this isn’t carte blanche permission to swim in chocolate syrup while drinking a nice claret straight from the bottle. Or visa versa.


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