I started Mikhail Bulgokov’s The Master and Margarita yesterday. You know how much I enjoy Russian lit and this has been on my TBR shelf for a long time. I don’t know when I’ve had so much fun in the first 50 pages. How did I put this off for so long?

In the first chapter, two Russians befriend and argue with a vaporous man who I think is the devil. Time will tell.

In the second chapter, I was surprised that the author dropped back a couple of millennia to see Jesus thrown before Pilate. I have an idea of how Jesus comported himself, but think I might like Bulgakov’s description better. He describes Jesus as chatty, philosophical, and someone I could definitely hang with.

Contrary to modern opinion, this Jesus calls everyone good people: even the centurion who just whipped him. Evil in people appears to be a blight or scar that a right understanding of your place in the universe removes. Jesus takes care to speak appropriately to Pilate but doesn’t mince words.

So far, and the story can change, I don’t sense that this Jesus knows that he is God.

All good stuff!

Have you read the book? Any advice about how to read it? Did you like it? Hate it?


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