Some of the folks at work had their schedules changed last week. Accommodations are made for family events and plans you’ve plunked money down for, but the expectation is that you suck it up and do your work. It’s a trade, after all: we pay you for so many hours a week, and, for those hours, we get to tell you what to do. Thus says corporate.

A couple of the staff protested loudly. “It’s not fair! We have plans! But then I can’t work out with my best friend!”

I have a daughter who pulls the “that’s not fair” card at the drop of a hat. No matter the scenario, she figures out a way to play the card. It doesn’t matter that fair never comes into play or that her sister could say the same thing or that my wife had spent the morning washing her clothes. All that is stock in trade as far as she’s concerned. But when there’s homework to be done, and her friend is chatting on the tablet, well, it’s not fair because we NEVER let her chat on the table. At least not since an hour ago.

I think giving up the notion of fair is the first step in making your own way.


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