Everyone is more sensitive today. That’s a good thing. I helped the girls with a geography project this weekend and thought about how much easier it is for some folks to do well in preparation for life.

When I went to school, I did projects, too. I don’t think I ever did anything that couldn’t be accomplished with Elmer’s glue and construction paper. If anything special was needed, the school would supply it. Not so today. We probably spent ten bucks apiece in the two projects. Not a high amount, but not paltry either. And if you are a child coming from a family where food comes at a premium, 10 or 20 bucks for a school project might be the difference between passing and failing, doing or not doing. Some students will bring in chrome-plated projects that must of cost a hundred bucks. None of this has any bearing on how well you know the material, but the kids with chrome plating will be lining up for As.

It’s a lesson about how life works. More valuable and more telling than any grade on a project.


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