Crumb – Done with Quora

If you don’t know, Quora is a site where members can ask any question and have it answered by other members. It’s touted as a place to show or to grow your expertise. If you like Quora, I make no judgment. Maybe it’s the categories that I follow – mostly writing, literature and the sciences – but I find the site to be the greatest repository of stupidity on the planet. And, no, I haven’t explored every corner of the world. I’m sure that it can be topped. It makes me feel bad about the prospects for humanity, though.

Things that are just a waste of my time:

  1. Questions that are so stupid that someone had to make it up just to get a reaction.
  2. Questions that could be answered by one click of a search engine.
  3. Questions that are obviously homework questions.
  4. Questions that show an alarming lack of education or interest in learning.
  5. Every page of my feed is laced – no pun intended – with scantily clad young women with questions that are clearly meant for my demographic.

No thanks.



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