I’m a crazy list maker and enamored with bullet journaling. I understand a Books To Read page and Birthdays page, but really, a tickable record that you’ve watched the daily news on television?

I am cruising though Pinterest, a wonderful repository of all things journaling, and see these hopelessly weird page recommendations. There’s a Clean The Kitchen page that includes gems like clean the sink and wipe the counters. I must be daft. I just look around the kitchen and see it this needs doing. If so, I do it. No list or reminder needed. Same with a TV Shows Watched record. I watch so little that this would be foolish. But imagine your joy at looking back to 2015 and seeing that you watched MSNBC on 6/13. Priceless! Looking at Pinterest makes me wonder just how weird I am. How much people see me as a cultural outlier. No wonder my kids roll their eyes at me. If I want to listen to There Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked by Cage The Elephant, well, with my old fashioned ethos, I just find the damn song on a music site and select play. If I had any sense, a modern sense, I would know to write this down first on a list of Songs To Search For And Listen To.

Now I’m off to Pinterest again, searching for a How To Be Cool Again page for my journal. I want to get this one right!

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