Ah! Now there’s a title that makes you want to read, right? Sorry, but this crumb fell from the table years ago and won’t surprise a soul.

I was transported back to this moment reading Genki Kawamura’s If Cats Disappeared from the World, a wonderful, thoughtful, and human read. The section that set me to thinking read,

“Sometimes, when you rewatch a film after not having seen it for a long time, it makes a totally different impression on you that it did the first time you saw it. Of course, the movie hasn’t changed; it’s you who has changed, and seeing the same film again makes that impossible to forget. “

My story is much less insightful but reveals the same conclusion. I was wandering around the university square and was struck by how great looking the girls were. Good gawd, I thought. Remember back at Western, how one in a hundred was good looking?

Then it hit me.

The girls hadn’t changed, but I had. I was forty now, the old guy working on finishing a degree. I went to Western right out of high school when I was eighteen. Apparently, I was more prickly then.

Now, writing that down at sixty, I see something else: What a little shit I must have been at eighteen. I’m glad that I’ve finally learned how everyone has a story, that everyone has a say, and that everyone harbors something of beauty.


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