Bad Research Done Badly

“…any time there are humans involved in research, be suspicious. If human scientists are doing research on human subjects then take your suspicions to the power of 27. It’s a crapshoot at best.”

Peloton Bicycle Review

I was all set this year to ride in the Mt. Washington Bicycle Hill Climb in New Hampshire. It’s considered the most difficult bicycle hill climb in the United States and was my birthday present to myself to mark my entry into the sixties. I bought the Peloton with my wife’s blessing to help train […]


Sassy Ass Sad Girl Deep Work

” this sounds so weak and fragile and mealy-mouthed compared to people who have been truly broken and have stood up anyway and walked through their brokenness”

Tolstoy Therapy

Here’s a chestnut: Do only one thing at a time. Good advice. I’m less and less convinced that multitasking adds value to anything.

What If You Wasted Your Entire Life?

Leo Tolstoy and the Meaning of Life Book Review: The Death of Ivan Ilyich, Leo Tolstoy Like many wealthy and entitled young men in mid-nineteenth century Russia, Tolstoy spent his days dutifully attending to the responsibilities of a young noble while slipping through dark streets at night to enjoy the soft pleasures of the whore […]

The Take Away

It’s been ten years since we moved from our home in Western Washington State.  The home was three-stories tall with well over 3,000 square-feet of living space. It was built in the ‘fifties with no plans – the mom of the family drew the walls on the floor in the morning and the boys built […]