Does The Devil Know Your Name?

“When things don’t go well,” he said, “I leave the room and find a place to pray. Sooner or later god will tell me what to do.” Then he smiled as if I was supposed to accept this overtly religious and silly answer. This is the kind of holy thing that holy men do and, once done, they bask in the holy glow.

Have You Ever Made a Real Decision?

The people who think about thinking say that very few of us ever look at facts and make a decision. In almost all cases, they say, we make choices almost instantaneously and then spend our time building a case and looking for things that support our biased choice. They say this is mostly true whether […]

From Wence Your Purpose?

Here’s one for you. If the driving force of life (and even plants and bacteria do this) is to figure out how the world works and act accordingly…are the religious lazy for taking a shortcut by accepting that an old book tells them how the world really works and how they should act?