Video: Hydra Feeding. Very cool!

A hydra is a freshwater microscopic organism that can grow to almost half an inch long. It is tubular and at one end several tentacles stick out from the head much like the hair on the infamous Greek goddess, hence the name.

Bad Research Done Badly

“…any time there are humans involved in research, be suspicious. If human scientists are doing research on human subjects then take your suspicions to the power of 27. It’s a crapshoot at best.”

The Most Valuable Lesson In Doing Science

A brief story about figuring things out for yourself: The Trial I was an undergrad and had my first research grant to continue unfinished work from one of my professors doing chromosome mapping.  I was thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? Surely a Nobel couldn’t be far off? When all the other kids went home from school […]

Is picky eating a childhood disorder? Maybe. Probably not.

One of my girls eats about four foods. Should I be worried? Picky eaters? I’m not worried. I have twin seven year-old girls. One girl eats – or will at least taste – most foods. She’s a pastanista, loves hot dogs, and happily munches on broccoli. My other girl is much more picky. She has […]