Crumb – The Problem with Termites

I can’t remember where I heard this first but it has been rolling around in my thoughts for a few days now. Kudos to whomever thought of it. It’s the problem of termites. Lots of problems come and go. Many will take care of themselves. But when you see a termite in the framing of […]


Crumb – The Little People?

Manager says, “I think that the way you treat the little people says a lot about who you are.” I say (I’m usually much more diplomatic), “I think that just the fact that you believe that there are little people says even more.”


Crumb – Can you prove that you’re not a robot?

I like to ask my girls – twins who will be eight in two weeks – funny questions that are usually unanswerable. Unanswerable to me, anyway. They have an answer for just about everything. So I asked one of the girls how she knows she’s not a robot. After all, I use the brain-in-a-vat argument […]

Crumb – President Obama on Free Speech

From President Obama’s speech to the commencement crowd at Howard University: “There’s been a trend around the country of trying to get colleges to disinvite speakers with a different point of view or disrupt a political rally,” Obama said at his commencement addresses at Howard University. “Don’t do that, no matter how ridiculous or offensive […]


Crumb – Caring for family and Knausgaard

I’ve got a list of things I wanted to do today (I’m a bit of a list fanatic), but I’m sitting here with one of the girls at urgent care. It’s another earache with another fever and another day of administering meds and comfort. And how coincidental? I was just looking at the top post […]

Crumb – What funny creatures we are

What funny creatures we are. I think often about dying. I hate the thought of it. The loss of everything. Of feelings and thoughts and hopes and of everything still left undone. When I think about these things, I’m filled with love for and fascination with everything. Sunlight shining just so through the window is […]