I write lots of fiction and lots of non-fiction. I'm fascinated with evolution and molecular biology and work during the day as a nuclear chemist. I'm completely drawn to fiction that tells a truth that can't be easily parsed by non-fiction. I come away from Camus's The Stranger and Elsa Morante's History thinking that I've learned something that no book or class could teach me. I seek to bring the same level of thoughtful entertainment to my writing.  As an old guy, I'm interested topics about living long and living well.  What really interest me is a perfectly crafted sentence. I love Hemingway for his terse prose with every word fitting perfectly.

Mitton Family

I am a Starbucks swilling Seattle-expat living in South Carolina. Feel free, at any time, to donate a buck or two to the site using the PayPal widget in the side bar. Howard Schultz will thank you. I am from Tacoma, Washington, which is a stinky town to the South of the Emerald City.

I write fiction and non-fiction about how to best navigate through life. How to make good decisions. How to avoid the drama. What is important. What is not. How do we know? I'm interested in a boatload of things and write about most of them. I am a fan of classic Russian and French literature, enjoy woodworking, and am a proven breeder with a boatload of kids. My name spelled backward in sinned. I've always enjoyed that little tidbit. I drive a thirty year-old Saab.

Regarding the blogs: I hope you like them and find something that you enjoy. If you don't, if you find something that inflames you, that's fine, too. In either case, I hope that you'll leave a message to tell the world what you think. Explaining why you think something is daft is a good way to start a conversation.

Please know, too, that I participate in a few affiliate programs. That simply means that, if you access a website through a link I provide, and if you buy something, then I'll get  pitiful kickback. If that happens five times, and if you pad Jeff Bozos' pocket with a hundred bucks, then I'll get about a dime. But hey! He's taking the risk and putting in the work.