We all struggle with reality a bit. My daughter’s struggle is “But it’s not fair!” If you’re like me at all, then your struggle is “But it should be like this…”

And it doesn’t matter much what the should is.

“The folder should be placed right here. Alphabetically. Right? Sheesh!”

“You want daycare for the high school? But sixteen-year-old girls shouldn’t be pregnant.”

“Didn’t you pay attention to the voting results? Trump shouldn’t even be President.”

The common theme here is that you are imposing your idea of what should be on what is. It’s a way to take a project under your wing – to change what should be to what is – but most of the time we’re just thinking of how daft the damn thing is.

The take away is that no-one cares and that you’re wasting your time. There are lots of shoulds and shouldn’ts. They don’t mean a thing.

The folders are sorted as they are. Young girls get pregnant. Trump is the President. That fact that things are this way never means that you have to like it. It never means that you can’t try to change it. But you have to recognize what a thing is before you can change it.

Listen to yourself this week. I bet you’ll be surprised at how many times you complain about how something is off kilter. Recognizing this is the first step in seeing reality as it is..


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