I was strolling right along in 2018 until I was sidelined by a nasty accident during a bicycle training ride. I was to race in the South Carolina Master’s Time Trial event on May 17. I was racing in the one-mile and ten-mile time trial and had a shot at winning the ten-mile based on previous winning times. On May 16, I got home from work and the house was empty. What to do? I hopped on my bike to stretch my legs for the next day’s race. About two miles from home – I hadn’t even broken a sweat – I was hit by a car doing about sixty. The driver got to go home and I got to learn how to walk again after three months in the hospital.

Needless to say that my writing, along with everything else, was put on hold for half a year.

I’m still as weak as a lamb and there are posts to come about my accident. Even so, I’ve been able to put out a few blog posts and publish a few pieces.

Warner Brother
My most popular blog post was by far my pre-accident review of the Peloton indoor fitness bike. Per my wife, and I rarely disagree with her, it’s “the best money we’ve ever spent”. I am back using the bike and it feels great. My conclusion in the piece is a resounding yes. Read it here.

My personal favorite is a piece that I published in The Dead Mule Journal titled One By One. Each In Turn. Sans One. It’s a memoir piece about the time that I said ‘No’ to a backwoods Florida preacher. Have a read, it’s short.

Oddly, to me, my second favorite blog post was in my perspective series and is called Your Sagging Beam. It’s a takeoff from home construction shows and is about doing the real work and not just covering things to look nice.  Two very different things.

Thanks so much for spending time at the site. 2019 promises to be a great year and I’m excited to see it unfold. Won’t you sign up for email updates by entering your address where I ask on the right sidebar? Thanks and cheers!


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