Thursday’s Recommendation

The Internet promises so many things. Sadly, most of what we actually get is balderdash, drivel, or mean-spirited tripe. In this series, I suggest sites for edification, good reading, and good entertainment. I don’t expect you’ll be a better person for going to the site but hope that, for at least a minute or two, you’ll feel better.  And who knows what ramifications this can have for your family, friends, and the world in general?

This week, I present The Good Life France. The fact is that I’m a Francophile of high proportions. I studied French for a while with the highlight – or low point, you decide – of making the professor cry when she asked how I was doing that day. AS A JOKE, I hung my head and quoted the first line from Camus’ The Stranger which we read in class, in French. ” Aujourd’hui, maman est morte,” I said.”

“Mother died today.” Okay, not the funniest of jokes.

Check it out. There is glorious photography, a travel section, and a recipe or two.

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He’s British but tells a great story about life in France.

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