Thursday Recommendation

Why would a writer recommend a woodworking site for his readers? Well, Chris Schwartz does write which I much appreciate, but mostly – and this is for any creative on the planet – I enjoy and applaud his RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. This is my purpose in writing and, since you’re asking, should be yours, as well.

C’mon. Be it furniture, books, or biochemistry, why would you settle for anything but that which brings you the greatest joy? And woodworking does bring me joy. I made a meager living at it a couple decades ago, making mostly display cabinets. Getting up at four in the morning to put chisel to wood or to saw some veneer brings a satisfaction similar to writing that one great sentence. And it’s my wont to immerse myself in whatever I do.

So, point your browser to Chris’ blog here, pour a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy. Then buy yourself a set of chisels and a decent plane and saw, and get to it. It’s okay if you go slow at first: it takes time to get to know your tools and how they respond to different woods. Settle in and enjoy.

And if you get excited about this milieu, check out Allan Peters, James Krenov, George Nakshima, or Sam Maloof. All masters who could teach anyone something about customers, working in craft, and beauty.


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