Hi folks,

I’ve been asked recently if I’m closing up business. I ask you: do you think a heroin addict has quit when they hide the needle? Of course not. And I find myself still completely addicted to writing.

(BTW, I have a friend who tried heroin once. Shot a hit into his arm and described the effect as ‘having an enormous orgasm from every pore of your body.’ “Without and understanding of how glorious it is,” he says, “you’ll never, ever make sense to an addict by helping him stop.”)

My facts are many. I’m spending much more time lately on writing for publication. I’m working on one, and maybe two or three, books. My wife is in the final throes of graduate school, and I’m studying for two certification tests at work. All that being said, I have a scheduled twenty-seven hour day, and it’s nice to plug eating, sleep, and post-season baseball in there. And one of my daughters has taken up chess. She’s pretty keen on the whole thing and wants a game every night to work on some move she’s read about. My other daughter remains crazy about history and we read up on pharaohs last night.

‘Nough to say, I’m busy. But the Saab is running great, so all is well with the world.

On top of that, I’ve been cajoled into teaching Sunday School twice recently, something I take quite seriously.


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