Not So Smart

Sometimes, I’m a dope.

A few years ago, I saw my doctor for my annual physical. He’s French and has a bedside manner commensurate with what I know about French doctors (see here for more on my French MD.) We did all of our poking and prodding and then talked about things in general.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, but my wife and I like to have a little ice cream when we go to bed. When I eat laying down, I get a burning in my upper esophagus,” I tell him.

“Have you tried sitting up? What happens when you eat sitting up?”

“Oh, nothing. I don’t feel anything when I sit up.”

He had a pained look like he just ate some ice cream.

“Here’s how I see it. If something hurts when you lay down, and it doesn’t hurt when you sit up, well, Dennis, a smart person sits up to eat ice cream.”

There you are. It’s never hurt since.

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