Carrie Brownstein

A Weekend Party

We sauntered around at a city-wide party this last weekend and ran into a friend, the manager of the business chain we frequent several times a week. My wife and I are both Seattle ex-pats who live in South Carolina. Figure it out. Our friend knows we’re from Seattle and always laughs with us about the latest episode of Portlandia.  My wife is Carrie Brownstein’s doppelganger, which is how the entire conversation first started.

Centered and Grounded

Last night, I asked him how he got started with the business he’s in. The story is that he was plucked from another position he was in; the company seeing his potential to develop. As a manager, he has been asked several times if he would like to advance within the company, and, each time, he says No. That he’s happy where he is. He told me that his life is perfect the way it is, and he knows if he climbs in the company, then more hours are expected, and he’ll have more and larger responsibilities. Right now, he works 40-50 hours a week and is home every evening. He works for three weeks and has the fourth week off.  He lives in a nice town, has a local girlfriend, and does things with his dog a couple times each week. “Why mess all that up?” he asked.

He’s right, I think. It’s inspiring to meet someone so centered and grounded. So sure of what he wants that he’s willing to turn down what we normally call success to have it. Are you where you want to be? Why not?


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