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Want to lose 13 pounds by Friday? Let me sell you something.

Last updated on February 8, 2019

I’m sorry. Hucksters and shillers will never stop but there is just no easy way to get the health that you deserve.

Science Based Nutritional Advice

Want to drop thirteen pounds by Friday? No sweating and you can eat anything you want? Just buy our Super Weight Loss Chinese Panda Poo Mixture – on sale now! A thirty day supply for only $67.00 US.

Why do these specious products always have Oriental names? Because of the mystery of the Orient? Because the purveyors are racist? Because you and I are racist and respond? And why do they sell a thirty-day’s supply when you only need three days to drop thirteen pounds? If these are the kinds of questions you ask when thinking about health and nutrition then you might be looking for something even more elusive: science based nutritional advice. It’s rarely flashy, makes few promises, won’t sell many books, but it works.

There are several people I follow who practice this kind of weird science. One of my favorites is Dr. David Katz from Yale. He has an impeccable CV but, more than that, works hard to funnel seriously good, science based, nutritional advice down to users who might not know or care how soluble and insoluble fiber differs.

Another is my favorite for down-to-earth advice: The Nutrition Diva.

Have lemon with your briquette drink?

This goofy and often wrong nutritional advice is the milieu of Food Babe, superfoods, toxic chemicals, and – good gawd! – grain. Try to ignore this stuff.  Instead, try to find good, livable advice that you can use for a lifetime of improved good health. Be prepared to dig!

My recommendation is that you buy Katz’s book Disease Proof, where he outlines a workable plan for health. In my opinion it might be the last and only book about health that  you need.


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