New Feature. Weekly Recommendations!

I’m bringing back a feature I used to run in the old days. About three blogs ago: Weekly Internet Recommendations. I’ve had a lot of fun with this and readers have, too, Send me your favorites and we’ll see if they make it to my Favorites Bar.

This is just my book reviews, where, Yes, I read the books I review. If I don’t, I tell you so. I go to these sites regularly. They cover writing and books, of course, and my hobbies and interests, too. So, enjoy. Sit back with a cup of coffee and point your browser to something new.

My selection this week is The Good Life France. I’m a Francophile at heart (and a Czech peasant), and I’m sure that the folks who designed this site wondered just what to include to capture the heart and imagination of Dennis Mitton. I drool over the photographs, the travel bits, and Yes, the recipes. I like that they focus on the France where I would like to live and not on downtown Paris. (Did you know that in French, all countries are ‘the France.’ As in ‘the Canada, the Mexico, and ‘the Senegal’. Apologies to stamp collectors: you’ve probably noticed this.)


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Link to my review of Peter Mayle’s Book Review – A Year In Provence? Sign me up. He has a new one too. Haven’t read it yet. Or bought it.


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