The Power of Story

It’s easy to think, and we’re often told it’s true, that the power of story is dead. Croaked. We watch YouTube, read books online with hyperlinks to definitions and annotations, and don’t spend nearly as much time just reading. I can’t imagine how many hours I lay on my bed as a kid and read. No weekend was complete without finishing a new book. My Dad, football coach and expert lawn-mower, worried about me. I read too much and did too much science. YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram are all interesting but none knock me upside the head like a book does. I know I’m an old guy and this only makes me feel older. I pray to the Librarian in the sky that our local Barnes and Noble stays viable so I can at least stop by to touch a new book. I know my prayer will go unanswered and only hope that one of the new Amazon stores will pop up in its place when B&N succumbs to market pressures.

Connie Britton. From The Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

If you love story or if you want to remember what it’s like to hear something that moves you, tune into the Modern Love podcast. It’s interesting: the host gives an introductory blurb about a letter or story and then introduces the reader, usually someone with some level of celebrity who has a connection to the theme. This week I listened to Connie Britton from the TV show Nashville (and of tee-shirt fame)  read “My First Lesson As A Mother” (this link will take you  straight to the story that you can listen to with a podcast subscription).  Britton has adopted from afar, just like the writer of the story, and she reads, and clearly identifies with, the story. If you can get through this story without being touched then, brother or sister, you are made of different stuff than I.

The site and the stories cover the gamut of love and hurt in all relationships. There are stories about silly and goofy butterfly love. There are stories, too, about the guilt of love. About love lost. Love of self. Love in all its shapes. And really – when our time comes, what do we have left but love? Well worth the time to check it out.

So, if you while away at your keyboard, wondering if nary a soul will read your screed, then take heart: among all the clamor, people still yearn for a well-said story that touches their heart right where they live.


Don’t believe me? Take it from the doctor!

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