More perspective for you.

We are having an inspection at work and I don’t mean just any old white-glove type stuff. We’ve been planning this for the last two years, and for the last two months, supervision is acting like the house is on fire. It’s possible that the life of the business depends on a good outcome. In that regard, every scent of angst is a good thing. Everything that is touched or written is scrutinized to the nth degree and then handed off to someone who verifies that your scrutiny was scrutinizingly sufficient. This entire process is observed by the scrutiny police. It’s tiring, and the whole site is ready to have the whole thing behind us.

So, there are two folks who take care of our building. They came through today, emptying trash and cleaning up. I chatted them up for a while and asked if they were ready for next week. They were oblivious to the whole shebang. I couldn’t believe it. “Next week?” they asked like innocent pups. “What’s going on next week?”

“Huh? You’re kidding me. The Big Inspection! You know…” I said.

“What Big Inspection?”

“You know. The Big Inspection. For two weeks? Every nook and cranny of our lives watched and reported on. That Big Inspection.”

“Man. We don’t know about it. Should we?”

And I thought, “Blessed are the poor in spirit. For they have less crap to put up with and are happier for it.”

And yes, we had our Big Inspection, and it went swimmingly. I’m thankful for that.

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