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I caught a tweet over the weekend by self-help guru Tim Ferriss. He asked readers and followers to share any way that they ‘optimize’ their nighttime and bedtime routines. It hit a cord and I tweeted back an honest question: do you ever get tired of optimizing every minute of every day? It sounds exhausting to me.

Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer

Another self-help guru, Wayne Dyer, used to say that we are human beings and not human doings. As silly as it sounds, there’s a grain of truth there. He meant that at some point, we should quit planning, quit making lists, and quit spending hours researching the molecular qualities of the very best cook wear to achieve the most beneficial meals. There comes a point when we should start experiencing our lives.

Maybe the fact that I don’t optimize my optimization plan for optimal optimization is exactly why I’m not the head of a billion dollar company making widgets for iPhones that allow people to post their bathroom routines to their friends. No one is interviewing me about the Oxford comma or how I hire a company to send me presents each month. Oh well.

So, I spent a nice weekend morning making a knitted puff puppy with one of my daughters. And I opted out of watching home repair and woodworking tv shows and did some repairs and woodworking. I didn’t optimize my shop setup but simply enjoyed the smell of pine and the sound of a sharp plane lifting a tissue-thin shaving from a long edge.


Go here for short essay about the Slow movement. Go ahead and take you r weekend back. Read a book! Have ice cream with the kids! There will be time later!

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