Here’s a weird one. But I think about it every time someone gives me that ‘What in the heck are you talking about?’ stare.

I have a friend who claims that he is the only person he knows who has toyed with crystal meth and not become an addict. Here’s the story:

Some friends and I were getting together once a week to do meth. We met on Thursday nights. It was amazing. It was beyond amazing. Amazing doesn’t even start to describe the experience. I’ve never imagined that anything could expand your mind like meth.  We were just a bunch of friends, normal people, idiots and, all of a sudden, we saw things. We started talking about science and physics and relationships and things just opened up for us. Stuff you could never figure out from a book…well, it was just like scales dropped from our thoughts. We could see past all that. Books and studies, that was all BS. We could see right past everything to the real answers. We solved all kinds of stuff right there in my friend’s living room. I didn’t even think I was getting high. My mind was just so expanded that I didn’t need to get high.

And who wouldn’t want to jump on this train? But the tracks get a little crisscrossed:

Then I was late one night. My friends – one-for-all-and-all-for-one you know, couldn’t wait and started without me. When I got there, I didn’t see any astrophysicist or smart-guys. I saw people who didn’t even know they had spilled food all over themselves. They were drooling. Whatever their brain was telling them, their speech was almost unintelligible. What can I say? They were a bunch of sloppy, drooling dopers who couldn’t spell their names if they had to for a police report.  I never went back and never used meth again.

And what happened to the friends?

One by one they all fell out to the addiction. The whole shebang. Meth teeth. Meth skin. No jobs. Stealing and cheating to pay for a hit. Girls screwing for a hit. Guys screwing for a hit. Whatever it takes.

Gross. Horrible. What a waste of life and potential. But there are times when I have to check myself. When I have to be humble. When I have to check and make sure that I’m not drooling on myself when I’m having a conversation with someone. Am I that far off the mark? Maybe. Do I have any clue what I’m talking about? Maybe not. Do I sound like a babbling idiot? It wouldn’t be the first time.

So step back sometimes and be humble. Let someone else speak. Check yourself to make sure that you aren’t babbling about things which you know nothing about.

The world will be a better place.


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