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We have a new sponsor! The good folks at DNA Repair Medical have agreed to offer reduced pricing to my readers for their exciting 4-butyl-colitchenase treatment for post-workout DNA repair. This product is extracted from a special lichen found on only three rocks in Russia! It is so special and unique that Putin’s armed guards monitor the rocks daily. Do you want extreme health? You already know that your DNA ultimately drives every biochemical mechanism in your body – can you afford to have anything less than the best?

Well, yes, you can.

It’s The Hype

I hear these spiels constantly on podcasts and see them on websites, and they are all hooey. Do you want to be healthy? Eat right – you already know what that means. If not, then latch on to Micheal Pollan’s Food Rules for a good primer (see here). Drink water. Get some sleep. Move a little bit every day. Play cards with the kids or go shopping with your boyfriend. Get a dog.

All of this extra stuff is just a way for someone to extract money from your already overwhelmed pockets. Is there ever a time when it is worth it? Maybe. An aha moment that I’ve written about before came from when I used to race bicycles. I rode a $250 bike that I repaired every weekend and raced against guys riding bikes I dreamed about. I was dying for a Bianchi – only $2,000! – until it dawned on me that I was beating these guys already. It’s fitness and conditioning that makes you fast. Not your bike. There are a whole lot of things in life where skills and effort beat money spent every time.

So if you are packing for Rio, I’ve got some Russian lichen extract for you (the sponsor is fake, of course). And watch out for Zika! Otherwise, save your money and enjoy yourself.

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