The Power of Words

I watched an informative Meet the Press this morning that focused on tweets, the press, and the power of words. Are all words and all stories equally important? No. Do all words carry some weight and convey meaning? Yes. It’s a good message applicable to all areas of life and relationships.

Few New Year’s resolutions are as far-reaching for you and for those around you as the reminder that words have meaning. Be mindful of what you say to others and to yourself. Don’t say mean things to those closest to you that you would never dream of saying to a stranger just ‘because they are family’. Don’t say mean things to yourself. What we tell ourselves becomes part of our inner story about ourselves – be kind to yourself even in your thoughts. And when you have something serious to say, you can choose words that move a conversation forward rather than stop it in its tracks. With your words, you can choose to ramp up the drama or to move toward reconciliation and understanding.

Tony Robbins illustrates how this works when he talks about being ‘really pissed off!’ How much emotion is wrapped up in the statement? What if, instead of being pissed off, you are ‘really irritated?’ Or ‘really peeved?’  You see how this works?

The flip side of this coin is to remember that your friends and your family and your co-workers aren’t always considering their words, either. If you don’t understand what they are saying or why they are saying it then stop and ask. “I don’t understand” just might be the most powerful words you can say.


For more on the power of words, read this post in Memoir. I can’t imagine how she kept her job!

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