Kinds of Conversations

Do you read Seth Godin’s wonderful blog? You should. Recently he posted about how humankind developed in groups long before symbolic language evolved. He extrapolates from this that we are hard-wired to respond to much more than vocal communication. It’s fascinating to think that everything we do and everything we are involved with has a communication component that may or may not include (from Godin):

peer pressure

I add:


We can extrapolate further from this list. Clothing and hairstyles are forms of communication. So is receptiveness. Have you ever been in a group and the very air feels electric? Like anything is possible? Or the opposite? Where there are walls between every person? We never, ever know what will be remembered about us. We will rarely know what our actions or eyes or perfume will say to the people around us. Our words are possibly the least important part of our communication.

Good to remember.



Author: Dennis Mitton

Science writer. Evolution, bio, health, fitness, longevity, and philosophy. Love Russian lit. Run a slow 5k. Proven breeder/twins. Monkey Dance author.

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