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Fiction, I think, tells truths that can’t be easily parsed by science or philosophy. I’m a fan of both, but stories go deeper, to where we have a hard time charting, to where we are forced to look between the lines, between words and sentences, in actions and dialogue, in relationships, in themes. In stories.

A Few Facts…

My name spelled backward in sinned. I had way too much fun over that one with my mom. I am a proven breeder with seven children. I trained as a molecular biologist, and now work as a nuclear chemist. I write when I can in multiple genres.

There are few things as wonderful as giving yourself away to a book or a story. Favorite novels are Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and History: A Novel by Elsa Morante.  Frank Herbert’s Dune falls in there somewhere. I love short stories and am drawn to the sparse and terse telling of Hemingway in Hills Like White Elephants and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber. I read Dorothy Parker’s The Standard of Living regularly, and wonder over the taut and chilling writing of Joyce Carol Oates’ Black Box.

I’ve been an inveterate stamp collector since I was in the fifth grade. I built custom furniture for a shy living once. I like all things science and like my literature classic.

Most importantly, I drive a thirty-year-old Saab turbo convertible. It’s glorious.





Find Me and Something About Me

Navigation is all in the menu, but here are a few pointers. I write my blog on this site, with a focus on writing and reading, something of the good life, and, well, stuff I like. It’s really that easy.

Crumbs on the menu are stray and often unconnected thoughts. Sometimes they rush in like an overflowing stream and sometimes the stream dries up. I don’t force it. I post them unedited and without pics.

I write mostly non-fiction and about evolution on Medium. There’s a paywall you can burst through for the cost of a venti caramel machiatto. Moneys collected are spread between the writers based on popularity. I occasionally post on Wattpad, too. Things I publish elsewhere are posted below. Sometimes I post unpublished bits to my Patreon site.

I’m active on Twitter and am always available at I do the normal fun stuff at Pinterest and Instagram. Any other recommendations?

I am a Seattle ex-pat living in the dripping humidity of South Carolina with my wife, two at-home children, two dogs, and one bunny.

My wife is made of soft but brazen steel. Maybe I’ve case-hardened her. I was run over by a car once on a bicycle training ride. Before leaving the hospital, the night nurse, a woman I adored but was a little frightened of, came in my room to check on me. Puttering though her checklist, she spun around like a cyclone and put her finger right in my face.

“You listen here,” she said. I looked for lasers shooting our her eyes. “I been here a long time. I ain’t never seen a woman like your wife. That woman is made of steel and will go to war for you. I seen a lot of love but I ain’t ever seen love like that. You better treat her like a queen ’cause she deserves it.”

I reached inside and pulled up my most sincere Southern manners. “Yes Ma’am.”


I publish just about anywhere and update the Recently Published tab to give a link to any new article or story.

Most of my non-fiction is at Medium. It’s a great forum for reading and browsing and for learning new things. It’s free, but you can become a member for $5.00 per month and read behind the paywall.

I publish some fiction at Wattpad. If you like fiction, especially serialized or fanfiction, it’s a great hangout. I check in at GoodReads a couple times a week looking for books and reviews. 

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Future Home of the Living God
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I’m in a mad rush to garner 100 rejection notices this year. Weird. But I have a plan.

Works in Progress



“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”

-Ray Bradbury

My Writing Blog


Hi folks, I've been asked recently if I'm closing up business. I ask you: do you think a heroin addict has quit when they hide the needle? Of course not. And I find myself still completely addicted to writing. (BTW, I have a friend who tried heroin once. Shot a hit...

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