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Fiction, I think, tells truths that can’t be easily parsed by science or philosophy. I’m a fan of both, but stories go deeper, to where we have a hard time charting. So truth is found between words and sentences, in actions and dialogue, in relationships, in themes. In stories.

A Few Facts…

My name spelled backward in sinned. I had way too much fun over that one with my mom. I am a proven breeder with seven children. I trained as a molecular biologist, and now work as a nuclear chemist. I write when I can in multiple genres.

There are few things as wonderful as being swept away by a book or a story. Favorite novels are Anna Karenina by Tolstoy and History: A Novel by Elsa Morante.  Frank Herbert’s Dune falls in there somewhere. I love short stories and am drawn to the sparse and terse telling of Hemingway in Hills Like White Elephants and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber. I read Dorothy Parker’s The Standard of Living regularly, and wonder over the taut and chilling writing of Joyce Carol Oates’ Black Box.




Where I’m Found and Something About Me

Navigation is all in the menu, but here are a few pointers. I write my blog on this site, with a focus on writing, something of the good life, and, well, stuff I like. It’s really that easy.

Crumbs are thoughts I have while doing something else. I post them unedited and without pics. See the menu.

I write mostly non-fiction and about evolution on Medium. There’s a paywall you can burst through for the cost of a venti caramel machiatto. Moneys contributed are spread between the writers based on popularity. I occasionally post on Wattpad, too.Things I publish elsewhere are posted below.

I’m fairly active on Twitter and can always be reached at

I’ve been an inveterate stamp collector since I was in the fifth grade. I built furniture for a shy living once. I like all things science and like my literature classic. Mostly.

I am a Seattle ex-pat living in the the dripping humidity of South Carolina with my wife, two at-home children, two dogs, and one bunny.

My wife is made of soft but brazen steel. I  was run over by a car once on a bicycle training ride. Before leaving the hospital, the night nurse, a woman I adored but had grown a little frightened of, spun around to talk to me and put her finger right in my face.

“You listen here,” she said. “I been here a long time. I ain’t never seen a woman like your wife. That woman is made of steel and will go to war for you. I seen a lot of love but I ain’t ever seen love like that. You better treat her like a queen ’cause she deserves it.”

I reached inside and pulled up my most sincere Southern manners. “Yes Ma’am.”

With all that being said, most importantly, I drive a thirty-year-old Saab. It’s glorious.

I publish just about anywhere and update the Recently Published tab to give a link to any new article or story.

Most of my non-fiction is at Medium. It’s a great forum for reading and browsing and for learning new things. It’s free, but you can become a member for $5.00 per month and read behind the paywall.

I publish some fiction at Wattpad. If you like fiction, especially serialized or fanfiction, it’s a great hangout.

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I’m in a mad rush to garner 100 rejection notices this year.

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“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”

-Ray Bradbury

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