Good Gawd – I Discovered The Best Deal At Starbucks

Gaga at Startbucks. Photo from Starbucks.






The Best Rewards Card Deal, Hands Down

If my wife ever leaves me any Starbucks reward stars, I trade them in for my regular and boring tall drip. If I’m feeling especially plucky I’ll make it a grandé blonde. But I was in the Big City a week ago and strolled into Teavana at the Mall. I was sniffing here and there and one of the salesfolks asked if I had a Starbucks reward card? Of course I do. Sheesh. I’m from Seattle. She explained that I could use 125 stars to get an ounce of tea. This is about a seven dollar purchase. I had no idea. So I traded in 250 stars – which would get me two cups of coffee – for an ounce of Black Dragon Pearls and an ounce of Creme Earl Grey. That would be a fourteen dollar purchase on its own. This has got to be one of the best buys from all the reward cards I’ve ever used.



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