Good Gawd – I Discovered The Best Deal At Starbucks

Gaga at Startbucks. Photo from Starbucks.






The Best Rewards Card Deal, Hands Down

If my wife ever leaves me any Starbucks reward stars, I trade them in for my regular and boring tall drip. If I’m feeling especially plucky I’ll make it a grandé blonde. But I was in the Big City a week ago and strolled into Teavana at the Mall. I was sniffing here and there and one of the salesfolks asked if I had a Starbucks reward card? Of course I do. Sheesh. I’m from Seattle. She explained that I could use 125 stars to get an ounce of tea. This is about a seven dollar purchase. I had no idea. So I traded in 250 stars – which would get me two cups of coffee – for an ounce of Black Dragon Pearls and an ounce of Creme Earl Grey. That would be a fourteen dollar purchase on its own. This has got to be one of the best buys from all the reward cards I’ve ever used.



The Beatles from Worst to Best – One Opinion – What’s Yours?

The Beatles Rated
My Aunt bought me this when I was six. Soon thereafter she was buying me Zep and Black Sabbath.

If you’re as old as I am you’ll know all 213 of these songs. Some are true transcendent gems and some are B-sides that should have been D or F sides. I’m not a Beatles uber-fan by any stretch. If it’s the sixties you want, I’m much more prone to listen to some Stone’s dirty guitar or The Kinks or even Argent. But every soul alive on earth at the time was touched by the Fab Four so this is a fun list to go through. Where does your favorite land?

The Beatles from Worst to Best – One Opinion – What’s Yours?

Go here to see the article. Written by Bill Wyman for Vulture.